MidStar, Inc.


Broad based supplier of semiconductors, Discrete Devices,
MosFets, IGBT’s, PFC, SCR’s, H-Bridge, PWM, OpAmps, Regulators, A/D’s, D/A’s,
Comparators, Timers, Motor Control IC’s, Microcontrollers, 8-16-32 bit, ARM Processors,
RF, RFID, BlueTooth, MEMS, ASIC, Audio IC’s, Imaging IC’s, Digital Interface, RTC’s,
LED Driver IC’s, Memory, FLASH (NOR & NAND), E2, EPROM, Battery Backed
SRAM, Serial FLASH, Smartcard, GPS, WLAN, Set Top Box, Tuners, ADSL, HDSL,
Accelerometers, Ethernet, MPEG.

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